Dear Friends of Pawnee Buttes Seed,

It is easy to be distracted with so much going on in the world, 2020 has not been easy and the wildfires are in no way helping. To those affected by the fires we want you to know that you are not alone in this. It can be difficult to remind ourselves that THIS is not the end, that life moves forward; it can be hard to focus on the future, hard to focus on recovering, but that is exactly what needs to be done.

It is important to replant land effected from the fires as soon as possible; land that is not replanted with cover risks flooding, erosion of the topsoil, landslides and ultimately a lengthy and prolonged recovery. Again, it is not important that you plant NOW, what is important is that you plant SOON, the sooner the better.

Replanting with native grasses, forbs, and shrubs, will help to give the land the foothold it needs to recover. Acting in much the same way a cover crop would, a fire reclamation mix increases organic matter in the soil, reduces the presence of weeds, prevents soil erosion, and increases soil fertility. The goal here is not to replant the forest or to replace it, the purpose of this planting is to save the soil; if we can save the soil the land will take care of itself.

Wildfires can be vicious, unforgiving, and unpredictable, but Wildfire Recovery doesn’t have to be. Pawnee Buttes Seeds has the experience and expertise to help you recover. We have designed several Native Plant Mixes to assist in wildfire recovery efforts throughout the state.

We have mixes designed to help address every effected area at every possible elevation.

Click on the links below to explore our recommended mixes.

Cameron Peak Fire Mix

East Troublesome Fire Mix

Dry Native Mountain Mix

Native Mountain Mix

Foothills Native Mix

Low Grow Native Mix

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Don Hijar

(970) 356-7002

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