Pawnee Buttes Seed Inc. would like to thank each and every one of our customers over the last 19 years, who have supported our local business. We wouldn’t have made it this far without you!

  • I have known Don Hijar for many years and have always found him knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. Over the past year, in my new role as the City’s Natural Lands Coordinator, I have really benefitted from the knowledge that not only Don, but also others on his team, have about identifying and growing native grasses. I look forward to continuing our great relationship and the benefits this provides to the Greeley community.

    Karen Scopel Natural Lands Coordinator, City of Greeley
  • As a strong supporter of being a good steward of the land, Don & Pawnee Buttes Seed continue to bring outstanding resources to the agricultural industry, urban areas & teachers of the future generation. Don's knowledge of the reclamation of land around the world is a testimony of his desire to ensure a beautiful & healthy world for everyone. We are fortunate to have such a committed person & staff in our growing community, who understands the importance of maintaining one of our most precious resources--land.

    Erin Barkey Colorado Foundation of Agriculture, Advisory Board
  • Pawnee Buttes has been a great partner with Dick’s Sporting Goods Park since we opened in 2006, they not only provide great seed they provide timely service and customer care.”

    Phil McQuade Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
  • I wanted to report a very excellent interaction with the folks at Pawnee Buttes Seed! Their motto is "We Sell More Than a Bag of Seed" and I can certainly testify to its truth. We live about an hour's drive from Greeley, but we were even closer yesterday on other business when your email arrived on my cell. On a whim, we decided to drop by unannounced to see if they could help us with our immediate need for seed on the exposed soil of post-fire road work over the last couple of days. Knowing we were heading to the La Veta ranch, Tony Waldron and crew worked diligently to supply us with 200 pounds of the "> 7500 feet" mix. Fires around the west have reduced the stock of some of the components on your mixes so they expertly selected similar performing substitutes. With all this, they were able to supply us with the mix by mid afternoon so we could transport it to the crew near La Veta. That mix is now on file so we can easily order more. I was amazed at how friendly and responsive they were, and how quickly they were able to put this together for our trip to the ranch. If there was a review system in place, it would be getting "5 stars" from me! Well done! As you probably know, they provide some educational information on various aspects of planting and the like. It sounds like they would consider presenting this topic in the Spring Fire area. I had forwarded your email containing the mixes to Tony and he has your email address from that. If you receive an email on this topic, it is because Tony got your email address from me. I think they would do an excellent job on this topic and would encourage any interaction. They really seem to be a great group of folks to work with. Just trying to help out where we can... And thanks, again, for all your help! Best Regards

    Dave Andreatta Middle Creek Land Co. LLC Oak Creek Land Co. LLC

To our customers: Thank you for buying seed from us! We appreciate your business. Please stay in touch and keep us updated on your seeded areas.

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