The Pawnee Buttes Seed Story

Don and Janine Hijar founded Pawnee Buttes Seed Inc. in 1998 on the idea that a seed company should sell more than a bag of seed. Don’s love for the environment combined with over 44 years of experience in both natural resources and the seed industry has given Pawnee Buttes Seed the ability to provide our customers with quality seed combined with technical expertise at a reasonable price.

Our staff members are very knowledgeable, honest, skilled, and dedicated to helping our customers find the right seed for their specific needs. Pawnee Buttes Seed doesn’t just sell the seed. We also help educate our customers at every step of the planting process – preparing, planting, establishing, and managing after established. Experience and commitment have made Pawnee Buttes Seed successful in providing seed for pasture, turf, and reclamation seed applications.

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