PBSI Dryland Aggressive Mix #1

Our Dryland Aggressive Mix #1 is a combination of drought tolerant and adaptable grass species, ideal for an arid climate. This mix contains a mix of wheatgrasses, resulting in improved forage quality and quantity. This mix will thrive up to approximately 8,000’ elevation and produce excellent forage for decades under good management. On dryland, this mix can produce 1 to 2 tons of forage per acre, per year and can produce 2 to 5 tons per acre, per year on irrigated ground.

Ingredients: Western Wheatgrass; Intermediate Wheatgrass; Pubescent Wheatgrass; Russian Wildrye; Slender Wheatgrass; Green Needlegrass

Seeding Rate: 10 lbs/Acre

Price: $ 6.00 per lb

All prices are subject to confirmation. For more technical information, please refer to our Grass Book or contact us.

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